nice shop bike

nice shop bike
Boulder Bicycle Lugged

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well we've been busy here - filling orders and trying to clean up the shop a bit.

This morning we picked up a small run of spacers to fit TA cranks from the local machine shop. These spacers are narrower than those typically supplied by TA. Some of the TA spacers are as much as 3.6mm, and with narrow 9 and 10sp chains, folks often have issues with the chain dropping between the rings.

So we had some custom spacers made, with a thickness of 3.15mm. In reality, the spacers float in width between about 3.08 and 3.24mm. We then sorted them, and bagged them in groups of 6, with spacers of fairly close dimension. Note that we were really splitting hairs here - but we want things as close as possible.

So these will work with double or triple TA Cyclotourist Cranks (Pro Vis). We didn't get too many of these sets, as we don't know what the demand will be. We can always get more made, and if we do a bigger batch the cost will come down for sure next time.

On other fronts, we're still waiting on the final twin plate forkcrown parts from the machinist. This is a batch of plates like those on the 650b Herse on our website. The crown uses Continental Oval blades, which we really like. But for those who want Imperial oval (like the old forks of years ago), it looks like a new crown will be forthcoming to accept those blades (such as those still made by Kasai and Reynolds).

We will be adding lots more stuff to our website soon - there is only so much time in a day. Also, this weekend may involve some serious dirt miles on the shop 650b Boulder Bicycle. Stay tuned for photos of this bike with the latest iteration of lighting for the Boulder Bicycle.


  1. More posts, please!

  2. Hi, Mike,

    The 3.1mm spacers cured the shifting problems with the 5.9mm (10sp) campy chain I had with the stock 3.6m spacers, but allows more of the small end of the cassette to be used compared to reversing the inner ring. It also helps with the chainline, as the inner mounting bolts don't project as far toward the chainstay, and the bottom bracket doesn't have to be shifted as far right to ensure that they clear. Thank you for cutting these spacers.



    William M. deRosset
    RUSA 2401