nice shop bike

nice shop bike
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big News and the Bicycle Show

August 22 and August 23, we'll be at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle show in Denver. Rene Herse Bicycles will have bikes and cool Rando (and maybe some vintage stuff) for display and sale. It should be lots of fun. Builders from all across America are coming to this event.

Please visit

for more information.

For fun, the gang at Rene Herse Bicycles is also putting on a display of vintage racing bicycles which should hit on many of the key events that led to the evolution of the modern bicycle. For rando oriented folks, their will be something sure to please as well.

In other news, we're thinking that we may have outgrown our current digs. We are in negotiations to take on a larger space (in the same building) with a much larger area and with better street visibility.

In Rene Herse news, we finally have our twin plate forkcrown blanks competed at the machine shop. These are the ones for Continental oval. For those wishing to use Imperial Oval (the old classic shape), we are hoping for confirmation that those will be available soon (they are currently in production and we plan to sell them in the US).

So its all great news here in Denver. Now to keep getting ready for the Rocky Mountain show...

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