nice shop bike

nice shop bike
Boulder Bicycle Lugged

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Latest News from Boulder

Well we are finally starting to catch up on things for real after the move. Our new space gives us room to move around finally.

Above is a shot of our shop Boulder Bicycle 65ob on location outside of Estes Park, near Rocky Mountain National Park. The nice thing about or location in Boulder is that we are close to lots of great areas to test out our bikes. If you ever visit our shop, you'll notice our display bikes have dirt on them and look a bit used, even when cleaned up. Only through using them can we really test the designs and features, as well as identify any potential deficiences in components.

Latest news is we just received the forkcrowns for Imperial Blades from Japan. We have to chuckle at the "comment" made on our previous blog listing which asks why anyone would want to use the "inferior" Imperial blade section. I think the answer is that it comes down to preference. Some folks are convinced that the Imperial blade is more comfortable. It think there is something to that, but weight of the blade is perhaps more important than shape for determining comfort. Also, I personally think that the Imperial section blades feel "less planted" than the Imperial oval. But it really is very subjective and a matter of preference. Kinda like saying that blondes are inferior to redheads. Such statements are nonsensical I think. Some folks like the Imperial section, others the Continental oval. And now we can have more options. A good thing.

We are still thinking about decaleurs. Regardless of other options, we'll probably do a run of classic Rene Herse style decaleurs, perhaps some also with the ahead style stem modification. But I'm wondering if there is a nifty way to modify a Berthoud decaleur for use on an ahead style stem. I have an idea to try out; hopefully in about 10 days we'll have a demonstration of the modification

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New forkcrowns are on their way!

Well, it appears that soon we will have some forkcrowns for Imperial blades (the shape of the classic 1950's through mid 70's Reynolds blades) here soon. A 1950's Herse fork is shown above, and the new crown below. We are pretty excited about this. We have been building forks on the Herse bikes using the proprietary twin plate crowns we make, but this crown is both efficient and true to the style of the majority of Herse Frames. But of course, using the production crown saves about a full day of framebuilding labor, and allows us to move prices to reflect this.

The key element is that the forkcrown is quite wide. It is ideal for making frames that are designed for wide 650b tires. Plus, until now, there was no crown currently available that would accept the old Imperial shape blades.