nice shop bike

nice shop bike
Boulder Bicycle Lugged

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Close up of the modified Berthoud Decaleur

Here is a close-up of the parts of the modified decaleur. Note the added holes on either side of the original quill-stem-mounting-point. We machined flats as well as a recess to accept the brass colored stand-offs. What is nice is that no brazing was required. We cut shorter the original tabs which hold the stem interface round bar, and then re-crimped the tubing, and drilled it.

Decaleur for Ahead Style Stem

For awhile, we've been wanting some solution for a decaleur to use with ahead style stems. This is especially important for us since our Boulder Bicycles are usually supplied with ahead style stems.

There are ahead style decaleurs out there, and while they seem to be generally satisfactory, there are reports of occasional failures. Plus, those that attach with "a big washer" around the steerer can move if the decaleur is not sandwiched tightly. And finally, most of the decaleurs out there, even the highly regarded Alex Singer and our own Rene herse decaleurs still depend on an interference fit and you always wonder when going over speed bumps.

Well with the modified Berthoud decaleur shown above, we think most of the issues are dealt with. It takes some work, and probably not everyone can do this at home (most houses don't have a milling machine on hand, although we bet some do!), but we will probably wait for some feedback on the above example we just sent out the door, and then supply them on our Boulder bicycles. We might even offer a kit with hardware that you can by with a Berthoud decaleur if you want to do it at home.

Boulder CO

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shop Update - Jack Taylor Tandem

Well things are humming along here in Boulder, but every day it seems that we are falling a bit further behind! With the new shop, though, we are having some interesting items roll through the door. On friday, a nifty Jack Taylor tandem rolled in. What is fun about the Jack Taylor bikes is their graphics. The pin striping is great, but this one has a couple of really nice Reynods 531 transfers.

Tandem's are a pain to ship, and if there is anyone local who needs a frame that is about the equivelent of a 55 or 56cm up front and a relatively small 47 in the rear, this is your chance. This bike appears to originally have been a real touring model, but the racks and lighting are gone.

With the Bicycle Quarterly's recent Jack Taylor issue, I'm kinda pumped up about it. Speaking of Bicycle Quarterly, we now have every back issue of Bicycle Quarterly in the shop and available for sale. In fact, we even have sample copies of most every issue hanging at the front of the shop for folks to briefly examine before purchase.

This coming week should be exciting. We plan to get photos this week on our site of our new Boulder Bicycle lugged frame. And before the end of the week, if all goes well, we hope to have a modified for ahead style stem Berthoud decaleur mounted and photographed.

Ride Safe!