nice shop bike

nice shop bike
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Close up of the modified Berthoud Decaleur

Here is a close-up of the parts of the modified decaleur. Note the added holes on either side of the original quill-stem-mounting-point. We machined flats as well as a recess to accept the brass colored stand-offs. What is nice is that no brazing was required. We cut shorter the original tabs which hold the stem interface round bar, and then re-crimped the tubing, and drilled it.


  1. That's an elegant solution Mike. Your previous incarnation looked a bit clunky and - as you said - left one with a very high bag.

    ~ Ron

  2. Dear Mike,

    In an unrelated request, how about a *lot* more pictures of new Herses?

    And more words, too!

  3. My big grip with the Berthoud decaleurs is tha they are way too long. I don't mind the attachment to the stem but the length from stem to bag is too long for my bike and appears so for others. Hopefully shorter decaleurs will be available.