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nice shop bike
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Terrible News - Ernest Csuka has passed away

No snazzy photos or graphics here, just a glum feeling. As most folks know, Ernest Cusuka was the last of the great bicycle builders from the 20th century. There is no doubt that bicycles bearing the Alex Singer name have been among the finest riding machines ever produced. Be it genius, tradition, or trial and error (and most likely a combination of all of these), the bicycles leaving their shop were exceptional.

For myself, I found that Alex Singer Bicycles were most likely, among all makes of bicycles, to provide a perfect combination of lively ride and great handling. If one was to hand me a bicycle from any maker from the 1960's through 1980's, and ask me which one I'd probably like the best (including those of another famous french maker), I'd say that to be safest, I'd select the Alex Singer.

But more than a bicycle, a geometry, or a wonderful logo, the Alex Singer shop was always known for its warmth and kindness. Alex Singer himself was known as a gentleman of gentleman, and Ernest Cusuka carried on that tradition to the end of his life. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ernest Csuka a few years back, and his energetic glow permeated the hallowed ground that is the Alex Singer shop.

The world feels a bit empty right now - may Ernest Csuka rest in peace.

M Kone in Boulder CO USA

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rene Herse Heritage Model for PBP

Well as folks know, our Rene Herse production is pretty slow. We can get Boulder Bicycle frames to our door in 5 or 6 weeks right now, but frames with handmade lugs/shells, and sometimes crowns are really a different animal.

At the same time, we've realized there is significant demand for the Rene Herse bicycles that we just haven't been able to meet. So we hunted around, and we've found stamped lugs (which are what most classic Herse frames have been made with) and we started carving. And we called upon a great builder (Bilenky) in Philadelphia make frames using them. Shown above is a lug we carved here in Boulder, being held by one of our heros, Benjamin Franklin.

It is very important to us to maintain the history of craft and manufacturing in the United States. And Franklin, as most of you know, spent considerable time in France (we might not be the United States of America had his efforts to enlist French help during the revolution been unsuccesful). So perhaps this all sounds a bit hokey, but we think it all fits together quite nicely.

The series of frames we are making using these lugs are the Paris-Brest-Paris model. It is a 700c frame that is optimized for tires in the 29 to 32mm range. So it can be a go-fast PBP bike, yet back home before and after it will enjoy a bit of rough stuff too perhaps. All frames, of course, are completely custom designed, but must follow the rough guideliness of typical Rene Herse geometry. And of course, each frame is hand lettered and has box lining.

Best of all, if folks wish to purchase one of these frames, we anticipate we can get the frame to our shop in about 12 weeks or so; in time for the late-spring riding season.

There are more images of these lugs to be found on the Bilenky flickr site. The link is

So please enjoy.

And look for some more regular posts from us. We are starting to catch up around here...

MK in Boulder CO