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nice shop bike
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Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11 2010 Berthoud Handlebar Bag Modification

We love Berthoud bags and our customers do too. Even those who sell copies of Berthoud products seem to have the "real deal" gracing bikes shown on their web pages.

But that doesn't mean even the best can't be tweaked a bit. We've noticed even a well mounted Berthoud handlebar bag can still move around a bit - basically like collapsing a parallelogram. This motion can increase the sense of load up front. So what do we do?

Well it turns out the solution is simple and the Berthoud bag's construction makes the upgrade easy to install. We take a piece of thin aluminum flat bar, and bend it into a U shape. Then this piece can fit under the flaps on the side of the bag. Undo the velcro that wraps onto the stiffiner, and the piece can fit in the space above the velcro and be secured when the velcro is flap is closed onto the stiffiner.

Now the final task is to secure the aluminum part along the backside of the bag. If you are using a classic Rene Herse style male decaleur part, you can simply drill the aluminum stiffner part so that the bolts going through the bag will also secure the stiffner piece. If using a Berthoud decaleur, we suggust mounting the Berthoud decaleur as low as possible (good idea to increase flap closure anyway) and the stiffner will mount with additional bolts going through the bag higher up. There is only one height the stiffner wants to sit which is dictated by where the flaps over the stiffiner secure it.

As a bonus, we now include the stiffner part (undrilled) with all the Berthoud handlebar bags we sell that will benefit from this (bags that don't use a decaleur have a beefy stiffner and don't need this).

Thanks for looking - and please email or call with questions.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO USA