nice shop bike

nice shop bike
Boulder Bicycle Lugged

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17 Orange Lugged Fun

And lets not forget our lugged Boulder Bicycles. This one sports some fun lugs. Better of course is the geometry based on our top-of-the-line Rene Herse bicycles. And then there are the lively tubes including True Temper Plantinum OX. These oversize lightweight tubes make for a frame that has the liveliness of a classic Columbus SL race frame but with what we feel is a more "planted", stable feel. Of course, if people want, we can use skinny tubes as light as 7/4/7 for the ultimate in a lively ride, although there are downsides to that which we explore with each customer.

July 17 - bicycle chaos

Well lately it has been crazy with calls and emails pouring in with requests to order Boulder Bicycle frames and complete bikes. I'm thinking that we've really hit the sweet spot on these. Plus, as more are out there, others see them and talk them up. Elsewhere for less, folks can get an array of Asian frames (although few are rando specific), but the downside is those typically don't feature tubing such as True Temper Plantinum OX in the places where it can be used. And few other makes sweat the details quite like we do. And of course pricier frames don't use better geometry or tubing either, so this really is the peak point of diminishing returns.

I'm thinking we probably will raise the complete bike prices soon as so much work goes into assembly. Our component prices are about the lowest around, the frame cost is more them competitive. So we can't really afford to lump the two together and then spend many many hours assembling the package with discounted labor. I figure we'll tweak the prices in about a week. Orders that come in before we post the new ones that grandfathered int.

Frame/Fork prices, though, will not change. Has anyone wondered why our custom upcharge, at $175 is so modest? The reason is that we typically mock up every customer's proposed fit on their new Boulder Bicycle with Waterford's fit software. If a stock frame doesn't work, we make the tweaks to the stock geo (and perhaps tube spec), and then get a revised output. If to make this work we need a slightly different geo, it isn't much more work than to ponder ways of making a stock fit work that isn't ideal. So we pass on the custom fee at pretty close to cost.

So all this back and forth goes into each Boulder Bicycle frame sale. We probably will put more fit info on the web soon so folks can do more to figure it out on their own. But the process of nailing down the position on our frames is part of the service we provide at no charge when you puchase a Boulder Bicycle frame.

Now for something focusing on craft - below is a Rene Herse frame we are gradually getting together. This bike will be quite a beauty when finished - stay tuned for photos as it comes together over the next couple of weeks. The features in the stem cap promise to be something very special!

Thanks so much be safe out there - way to many folks "driving while distracted" these days....

Mike Kone