nice shop bike

nice shop bike
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Riding around Boulder - thinking of the coming season

Its a tad wintery out in Boulder these days, but fortunately there are wonderful dry roads right near the shop. All year round we get to test and use the products we sell. The upper photo shows an old farm building about 4min from the shop. Then we get to climb up dirt roads into the hills above the city proper.

Normally this time of year we'd be on a tire with more tread, but with the dry season we're still running our 650b tire of choice, the Hetre. If/when the snow returns, we'll go to the narrower 650b Soma.

Like a car tire, it may be that narrower is a tad better for absolute traction in the snow, but within reason. So instead of using a 42mm, we'll use a 35 or 38. But never much narrower. We like the stability of wide tires overall. And the Hetre 42 doesn't have much tread. So the cheaper Soma tire is a nice winter choice.

What is nice about riding this time of year is we're not too worried about speed or distance. It is just great to get out and not be stuck on the wind trainer. So to take some photos, check out local roads that we don't always play on, or to just site see, its a great time of year. Soon this will change. Soon the miles and distance, depending on goals, will take on new urgency. Now is the time to just enjoy the bike and keep burning off those holiday season extra calories.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21 2011 Shop Updates - and Moab!

The pre-season orders for Boulder Bicycles are complete, and we're amazed at the response. For those who missed out, we are also going to be getting some frames for stock too, although those will be at the regular price once they arrive. But this way, if folks suddenly decide they need a rando frame in the spring at its a size we have, we'll be able to ship right away.

The shop is going to be closed for a few days (March 11th and 14th) as we go to the Moab skinny tire festival to ride. The event has wonderful early season rides of relatively short length (40 to 60 miles) that are perfect for getting rid of the winter cobwebbs. One of the days features a ride through Arches National Park. That is a must-visit-in-your-lifetime sort of place. Combine that with riding and a nice town to hang out in, and it makes the trip well worth it.

Other News:

It has been very busy at the shop. Rather than things slowing down, we actually have been busy filling orders and working with folks on new bikes. So that means that on-line store tweaks and posting of cool vintage stuff which we also love is moving slow.

As time permits, we'll be getting more fun images and discussion of bikes going here on the blog. We also dabble with photo gear as a personal hobby and audio stuff, so don't be shocked if one day on the blog you see images of Leica or old McIntosh tube gear show up. Above you see a shot of a bicycle and a cool old VW Microbus. We've never been into VW's, but bike folks seem to get into old BMW's it seems.

In the next few days you'll see more Berthoud and other rando stuff on our online store. Also, we just took on trade another pile of vintage Campy NR/SR stuff, so more will show up either on the on-line store or on ebay.

The next blog entry should be in a few days. The next topic we think will be more on decaleurs.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO USA

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3 2011 Boulder Bicycle Pre-Season Order

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Year!

As mentioned on the BOB list, we are offering a special on stock Boulder Bicycle frames ordered by January 10, 2011. It turns out that Waterford who makes these for us has a bit of extra capacity in January, and they are giving us a discount if we order a bunch of stock size frames (in both 650b and 700c). T

The price for Boulder Bicycle frame and fork is $1,195 instead of the usual $1,300. The frames should be ready for delivery in mid February.

The stock frames are in our trademark light blue, and feature an arm on the rear for a rear light, wire guides on the fork, bosses on the underside of the downtube for either internal or external wiring, and every frame receives framesaver. We're also adding an hourglass boss on one seatstay to attach an additional battery light.

Please visit our website and follow the links to Boulder Bicycle for more info on the frames. Also, we just added some more info on a link from our Boulder Bicycle page on our website that outlines how we meassure our bikes (and how you should meassure your bikes) to see if a stock Boulder Bicycle frame will work for you.

We are happy to field emails and phone calls regarding fit. It is vital that you fit the stock frame properly, otherwise the deal is really no deal if it doesn't fit. So let us work with you to see if the stock frame is a good option.

We typically take a $1,000 deposit. We figure that most folks are pretty tapped out these days from the holidays, so we're taking deposits for this pre-season offer of $750. When we are ready to ship your frame and fork, the balance and also shipping and the cost of any additional parts or services will be charged at that time.

To make a deposit online, you can go directly to our online store

At this point, we hope to sell mostly frames and forks and not full bikes. Our schedule is pretty booked right now for bike builds through March and possibly into April. We do need another mechanic, so if we find one, that could speed things up. Anyone reading this in Boulder who is very skilled and needs a part time job?

Most folks buying a Boulder Bicycle also buy a headset and have us set the cups. Lots of folks also by fenders and some lighting bits. We're happy to help you get the parts you need to make your new dream bike meet and exceed your expectations.

Thanks for looking!