nice shop bike

nice shop bike
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Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21 2011 Shop Updates - and Moab!

The pre-season orders for Boulder Bicycles are complete, and we're amazed at the response. For those who missed out, we are also going to be getting some frames for stock too, although those will be at the regular price once they arrive. But this way, if folks suddenly decide they need a rando frame in the spring at its a size we have, we'll be able to ship right away.

The shop is going to be closed for a few days (March 11th and 14th) as we go to the Moab skinny tire festival to ride. The event has wonderful early season rides of relatively short length (40 to 60 miles) that are perfect for getting rid of the winter cobwebbs. One of the days features a ride through Arches National Park. That is a must-visit-in-your-lifetime sort of place. Combine that with riding and a nice town to hang out in, and it makes the trip well worth it.

Other News:

It has been very busy at the shop. Rather than things slowing down, we actually have been busy filling orders and working with folks on new bikes. So that means that on-line store tweaks and posting of cool vintage stuff which we also love is moving slow.

As time permits, we'll be getting more fun images and discussion of bikes going here on the blog. We also dabble with photo gear as a personal hobby and audio stuff, so don't be shocked if one day on the blog you see images of Leica or old McIntosh tube gear show up. Above you see a shot of a bicycle and a cool old VW Microbus. We've never been into VW's, but bike folks seem to get into old BMW's it seems.

In the next few days you'll see more Berthoud and other rando stuff on our online store. Also, we just took on trade another pile of vintage Campy NR/SR stuff, so more will show up either on the on-line store or on ebay.

The next blog entry should be in a few days. The next topic we think will be more on decaleurs.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO USA

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