nice shop bike

nice shop bike
Boulder Bicycle Lugged

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late March 2011 Update and Boulder Bicycle Photos

Its been very busy at Rene Herse Bicycles this month. A few customers took delivery of their bikes over the past couple of weeks. A very special bike is the lugged (built by Waterford) Boulder Bicycle shown here. We had fun with the paint - our classic light blue with white panels. But even more fun - we had the wizzard who letters our Rene Herse frames hand-paint the graphics on this Boulder Bicycle frame. We can now offer this hand lettering option on any Boulder Bicycle frame (for an upcharge - no surprise).

For this frame, we went very light on the tubing (very light and very tall rider). We did what we hoped for - went about as light as we could without going too light. The mix of parts was fun - a TA crank the customer provided (the new TA arms are still "missing in action"), a Stronglight headset, and Mafac cantilevers. Other updates: The threadles decaleurs from Berthoud had a production glitch. So those are on hold. We do have our anti-rotation components for Berthoud decaleurs back from the machine shop. More updates and pricing to follow very soon. We have a number of stock Boulder Bicycle frames built and in the shop for immediate delivery. We'll do a seperate post with sizes in the next few days. Berthoud grey 28 handlebar bags are now back in stock - We're really excited about that ! Schmidt SON Deluxe hubs in silver 32 hole went a bit scarce recently. But we've had them all along... Keep riding and ride safe! PBP is less than 5 months away! Mike Kone in Boulder CO

Friday, March 18, 2011

Boulder Bicycle Hits Moab

(Next post will have exciting news on long-awaited decaleur stuff, E3 light mounting, and in-stock-ready-to-ship Boulder Bicycle frames - but first details on our most recent adventure...)

For something different, we closed up shop last week and went to Moab Utah. The occasional trip like this gives us a chance for relaxation as well as an opportunity to test our stuff and be seen. While Moab is known as a world class mountain bike area, the road riding, especially early season, is sublime.

There was quite a bit of interest in the bikes we were riding. I rode the shop's 650b demo bike, and my friend Brian rode the shop's new-production Rene Herse 700c road sport. My friend Lee came along and represented traditional race bike steel on his 7/11 Eddy Merckx.

A number of the roades were chip sealed, and I heard a fair amount of comments. On the 650b, I noticed, but the ride was hardly effected. Still wonderfully smooth!

My old college friend Brian came out and he rode the shop-demo Rene Herse 700c road sport. He liked the comfort and stability. Note that the bike is being used with a Berthoud 192 non-rack type bag, and a model 786 seatbag. This frame was designed for fenders, but not for a load. But Brian reported it still behaved very well.

As you can see, the scenery is amazing in Moab. At every turn, it is as though you are inside a movie set. While a rando bike was not critical, the large temperature swings from the time we started until mid-day insured that having a place to store extra clothing was quite welcome. Plus, the handlebar bag provided enough space for me to carry on one day an old Rolleiflex TLR that I've been playing with. The fenders, though, in the dessert climate were unnecessary for this trip. But only days earlier, the weather had been spotty in Moab, so one never knows.

Mike Kone now back in Boulder CO