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nice shop bike
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Berthoud Ahead Decaleurs now in stock!

After much waiting, Berthoud decaleurs for threadless stems are here! They are now available from our on-line store. The official threadless decaleurs come in two "lengths". Shown below, is a ruler showing measuring the 70 length model. As you can see, from center of the tube widget that holds the decaleur against the stem to the center of the multi part tube that mounts to the bag, the length is 70mm - surprise!

The other length that is offered is 50 version which is - you guessed it, 50mm for that dimension! For bikes where the declaleur will be pointed straight ahead, go for the shortest. Now on some installations, you actually need to get the decaleur to reach much further down. For such cases, we can supply the decaleur with the extension part that is usually used with quill type stems. For those, the measurements are roughly 83mm or 113mm.

Now, we've sold lots of folks Berthoud decaleurs, and on occasion folks have issues with the decaleur rotating. You need to get the bolts really tight to lock in the rotation. And we would suggest that you carry a 4mm allen to tighten it if it does come loose. We do make our own anti-rotation widget for these. But the new wave of Berthoud decaleurs are slightly different dimensionally and we are currently re-designing them. But we've talked to many folks who have been extremely pleased with the Berthoud design as it is, so it seems our anti-rotation modification while nice and helpful is both costly and in many cases unnecessary.

Currently, the Berthoud decaleur is probably the most reliable in terms of the bag not jumping compared with any other design including our own Rene Herse. The Berthoud design is a bit more cumbersome to remove, but we've been using it on the shop Boulder Bicycles that we ride, and we're very pleased.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO USA

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