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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Regina Track Chain Madness June 16 2010

New Old Stock Regina Fun!

In addition to rando stuff we love vintage items and track stuff too! We've been selling Regina Oro Track chains (1/8") at a pretty steady clip over the years for $69 each. We went to hit our source for some more recently, and they offered us the entire lot! It turns out that these track chains we've been getting are correct Regina oro (gold) track chains from around 1980 that were "bulk packaged". They were originally cut to a length for BMX bikes and include a master link. So our supplier was splicing in a bit more chain to get them to track length, and selling them to us. We sold lots and lots of these, with many folks buying multiples over time.

So what we've done is taken the BMX length (again, this is true Regina oro track chain that bmx folks wanted in on apparently) and are supplying additional links in order to get them to proper length. We're actually including more than enough - about 116 links or so. Thats long enough for a bike with a deraillieur! But so what, can't hurt to have a bit extra. So to use these, you will need to know how to wield a chain tool, but you needed that in any case. The chains even have a master link - but that is in the main length and you may choose to mess with it or just ignore it and use your chain tool and treat it like a typical chain (which it really is).

Now, we noticed that some chains have some discoloration. That is typical of most fresh Regina stuff, but some chains have more of it than others. The photo above shows the minimal quality chain you should expect to receive. You may get one that looks snazzier (more uniform gold), but if the above chain looks good enough, you are certain to be pleased. Afterall, these are chains and typically get a bit dirty.

We wiped down the above chain a bit and the photo below shows the chain after a wipe with alcohol. What shows up in the upper photo as looking like corrosion is really gook. Chains that had any notable corrosion are set aside and not sold in this batch. Again, your chain or chains may be snazzier, or maybe not, but they should be at least as nice as what you see. Afterall, we aim for happy customers. And of course, if you are not happy, just let us know and we'll do what it takes to make you happy (in reference to the track chains only, we can't provide global happiness. That would put all the shrinks out if biz).

The pricing is what is really cool here. Instead of $69 for one on ebay, for a limited time these are only $23 for one or $76 for 4, plus shipping! Now once we sell of a small quantity, we'll be bumping the price up as the price on these is silly low. So act soon and take advantage of this special deal. If you are a fix gear lover, this is a great opportunity!

Mike Kone in Boulder CO USA


  1. Wow. That was fast. Missed my chance for a cool old chain. Nice work guys.

  2. hey do you still have any of this chain for sale ? :(

    i missed this post and just know that regina has a track chain ..

    mail me at
    if you have 2 of them available. .