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nice shop bike
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fender Wedge - new cool widget August 29, 2011

Finally in stock, our proprietary Fender Wedge for underside of forkcrown. Machined in Boulder CO USA!

We realized years ago that fender hardware had a deficiency. When mounting a front fender with a forkcrown daruma, if you have the big rubber washer contacting the crown, the washer sometimes like to "creep" into the crown. (note that traditional French bikes typically had just the rubber between crown and fender, and the large metal washer on the underside of the fender).

Also, a typical installation results in the front of the rubber washer really squished, and the back not very compressed. Finally, sometimes its nice to take up a bit of gap between the fender and crown (depends on installation - if the fit is already tight, don't use this widget as it will reduce clearance even more and can be a safety issue).

So if your installation will benefit from the attributes of this fork wedge, than now you can avoid the hassle of making one yourself!

The wedge may reduce the amount of slide on the brake or rack stud inside the crown - in such a case you can enlarge the hole into a slot to give more room with a round file. But this step is not necessary unless you are working to get an exact placement so the fender lines up with a front rack fender mounting point and you've goofed and need the slide fudge factor.

The exact thickness of these will vary a bit. But on the one we just took from the bin, the thin front part is about 2mm thinck, and the rear about 3.2mm thick.

At some point soon, we may a run that are thicker for folks who want to take up larger gaps.

Danger - use of fenders has risks - if debris gets caught between a front fender and wheel, the bike can flip causing an accident with terrible consequences. Use fenders with caution!

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