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nice shop bike
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rene Herse Projects September 2011

Its been very busy at Rene Herse Bicycles lately - lots of Boulder Bicycle sales and now we're prepping for an East Coast trip at the end of October. Right now we have two projects "on the hot seat." The first is the above new Rene Herse frame and fork which recently came back from paint and lettering. It will emerge as a complete bike in the coming weeks.

Also being worked on is something a bit "new" for us. We are reconditioning a vintage Rene Herse. Parts have come back from the chromer, we're doing some touch-up, and then it is on to assembly. We'll hope to have photos of that one in the coming weeks.

If all goes as planned, we'll be bringing these bikes east for the Philly Bike Expo at the end of October. The weekend before that is VeloSwap, and Boulder Bicycle and Rene Herse will be on display there as well. This year, VeloSwap is going to have a builder display area which should be fun. We are VeloSwap junkies. We sell and show our stuff, and we always keep our eyes out for cool goodies. Last year, a Team Raleigh 753 followed us home (too cheap to pass up). Lots of folks are now into the idea of bikes that "plane" as Jane Heine calls it. For us, that just means that a frame has a flex characteristic that works well with one's pedaling style. The Team Raleigh with 753 tubing is the perfect example of a classic light tubed frame that performs in this fashion.

We're starting to thing about the idea of building some Boulder Bicycle or Rene Herse bicycles that will be "road sport" style. They will not be rando machines, but rather slightly laid back designs that will accept 30mm tires (that gets close on the old 753 Raleigh) but neither a fender or a rack. A fun go-fast day rider bike we think. We'll think this idea through a bit more. But we've had a few folks express interest in this already.

Finally, we couldn't resist the photo above. It was shot with a really old Leica Summarit screw mount lens wide open. The lens has a mixed reputation, but is known for a bit of a dreamy quality. We're having fun with old Leica gear these days. The camera body we used is digital, so we're mixing old and new. Not terribly different than what we do with our bikes we suppose.

Thanks for reading!

Mike Kone in Boulder CO USA