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nice shop bike
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26 - We are not at Philly this year...

Rene Herse Bicycles inc. and Boulder Bicycle will not be at the Philly show this year.

All year we planned on it, but we just fell too far behind to justify the trip. Even with a quick fly in and fly out, it would still take at least 4 days. And with family and business it was just too much. We just barely managed to get our Veloswap show stuff together this past weekend. And the final kicker is a family commitment that popped up for the end of October that we wanted to attend.

The reality is that right now, our Herse build list is pretty full, and Boulder Bicycle sales and assembly are keeping us very busy already. The parts business and website has been rather neglected. So if anything, we're best off staying local and trying to chip away at those projects.

Next year we hope to make it to the Philly show. The Belinky gang does a great job with the event, and aside from business, we were looking forward to the fun festivities. But the fun will unfortunately have to wait.

We appologize to those who were hoping to see us there.

Mike K