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nice shop bike
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre-season Frames and new Berthoud bag

Just in time for some holiday consideration, we're pleased to offer some special treats. First, we are taking advantage of Waterford's winter slack season to offer a pre-season special on stock frame and forks. Instead of $1,300 plus shipping, if you order soon, you can get one of these for $1,195 plus shipping. In addition, to help x-mas tapped budgets, the deposit is only $800 instead of the usual $ 1,000. So how about a new frame/fork for the coming season?

And what really has us excited is that coming in a few weeks (should be well in time for the holiday), we are getting from Gilles Berthoud our "dream" handlebar bag. This is the model 25 in grey, but with the zipper compartment on the underside of the main flap. Many(but not all) folks prefer the elastic closures to the buckles found on the deluxe bag. But at the same time, almost everyone really likes the zipper underside compartment as a perfect place for wallet and keys. Now we can have it! This was a special run done for us by Gilles Berthoud that the US importer arranged just for us.

Again, these bags should be ready for shipment aound December 10th or 15th.

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

Mike K