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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Leica Camera Fun for Cyclists (and anyone else) - mechanical perfection!

Leica Fun for Cyclists - act Now!

If you are like us, you enjoy mechanical products that are beautifully made.  We often like to shoot film.  It is a visceral experience.  You stop, take the camera out of the handlebar bag, compose the image, and snap!  The feeling of mechanical precision we find using old Leica cameras is something many folks may never experience. 

But is shooting film impractical?  Not at all.  There are better film emulsions available now than were commonplace 20 years ago.  Current Kodak Ektar film is perfect for landscapes with its rich color and extreme exposure latitude.  On sunny days the F8 to F11 at film speed (Ektar is 100) gives near perfect results just about every time.  

And developing - go to many Costco locations and they process, print, and give you a scan disc of the images!  So within a day you have internet ready JPEG's, and a negative that won't get lost when your hard drive explodes.

But what Leica to buy? We love the old screwmount Leica's for their compact size.  Right now, Tamarkin Camera in Chicago has a small quantity of Leica iiig's - the ultimate screwmount Leica, for sale.  They were certainly well used, but they have all been CLA'd (clean, lube, adjusted) so are ready to shoot.  It is rare to find affordable Leica iiig's - they made a special purchase to get these. They will probably last many lifetimes!  If you pair the Leica iiig with one of the smaller collapsible Leica lenses (the 3.5 elmar 50mm is our favorite) the result is a camera and lens that can fit in many large pockets.  An mechanical and optical tour de Force!

So if interested, contact Tamarkin photo at (800) 289-5342 and have Dan set you up with an ultimate camera pacage!  Or, visit their website: click here for Tamarkin Camera

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  1. I was pretty disappointed when my local Costco locations stopped processing and scanning film last year. I pay about 3.5x as much now per roll.